Our Company

The Performance Communication Technology was established in 2012 and is one of the authorized distributors in the Middle East region.

In a few short years, digital technology has transformed interaction and communications. The ways in which we work, promote, sell, illustrate, plan, teach, and learn have all changed beyond recognition.  

We offer a market-leading Industrial solution to our enterprise customers. 

The Performance Communication Technology has always been at the forefront of that transformation:

  • Industrial Switches.
  • Industrial workstations-Servers.
  • Voice gateway.
  • Industrial Network virtualization.
  • OT Cyber security.
  • Industrial IOT

The Performance Communication Technology is providing exceptional network visibility, threat detection and operational insight for OT and IoT environments to accelerate digital transformation. While modernizing your business to succeed in the future, we make it possible to tackle escalating cyber risks to operational networks.

Our Team

Our team responds quickly to customer needs and provides state of the art solutions based on latest technologies and best practice. The goal is to avoid recurring problems. And since we are partnered with leading vendors, we can provide the best hardware and software in the industry, coupling their support with ours.

Best of all, we’re good at integrating all these skills to create award-winning, bespoke solutions for our customers. We are making these systems and people work together by interfacing smarter, faster and more efficiently. And we have a great team with several years’ experience in their fields – to advise and support you through the whole process.


To offer products with superior quality and value that improves the lives of the customers, investors and partners through different technologies, the solution can drive new business opportunities and dramatically reduce operation, administration and maintenance costs.


We are passionate in making it possible to tackle customer escalations risks to the operational environment and customer success to work by helping you ensure high network resiliency and reliability.